Progetti Speciali

Legal Care Project

They are the people, the ones who sow the future success of businesses every day with passion and care.

With Legal Care, a legal assistance project that includes a benefits plan aimed at employees, it is possible to give companies and workers protection and peace of mind, allowing people to be able to devote themselves to their workfree from legal problems affecting their personal sphere, taking attention and energy away from work and private life.

Our network stands by the Company’s side in caring for employees’ interest in finding solutions to events outside of work life that have the potential to adversely affect an employee’s serenity and personal well-being and negatively affect performance and work climate.

Legal Care protection services are easily accessible to the employee through company information channels and easily placed within the internal employee benefits policy, with a cost expectation consistent with the social purpose of the service.

Legal Care offers a number of benefits to employees:

Comprehensive legal assistance for every need from the personal sphere.

Legal support that is easy to access.

Professional help in solving problems but also in 'identifying new solutions for personal and family well-being.

Professionalism and confidentiality.

Experience and multidisciplinarity provided by a highly specialized network.